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Our honey business is based in Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand.

our team

We are a family run business. After Mark worked for a large beekeeping company for a few years, we got the opportunity to buy our own hives in 2013. Now Mark and Damian are working on the hives, and Yi is helping in the local farmer's market and made this website. During the honey harvest, family and friends also came to help. We love this sweet business and enjoy working in the wonderful world of bees.


What Makes Our Honey So Good!

Pure Naturally Granulated Honey, Bottled With Love!

Our honey sources from some of the most beautiful, wild and isolated places in New Zealand. We believed that is the key to have good honey.

Unlike most commercial honey that has been dried to reduce the moisture and stirring it for a couple of days to make honey nice and smooth, we use the basic and simple way to process our honey, so all the goodness, flavours and aromas are well kept in the honey. Know More >>

It is Naturally Granulated Honey, which means they might get hard and crystallized in cold winter and back to soft or liquid in hot summer.

The best way to taste our honey is by itself, take one spoon, enjoy the full flavour!

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Wholesale Honey

Most of our honey is sold in 330 KG drums to exporters. If you are interested in high volume of honey in drums or wholesale in jars, pre-order is always welcomed.

Usually, we harvest Thyme honey in late November, Manuka and other honey in February. The best time to contact us for wholesale honey is before harvest.

Honey for Wholesale

Local Market

To satisfy local demand, we also sell honey in Queenstown Remarkables Market at Saturday 9AM - 2PM between October to April, Address: 48 Hawthorne Dr, Frankton, Queenstown 9371. more info >>

We look forward to your visiting and tasting our honey in the market.

Honey Stall in Arrowtown Market

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