kawarau gorge

Kawarau Gorge Honey

They are harvested in 2019 / 2020

Where is Kawarau Gorge?

You must heard about the bungy jumping. The world's first commercial bungy jumping site was on Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The beautiful Kawarua river runs through this area, it is a wild place that is perfect for the bees and beekeeping, as it catches a good amount of rainfall and keeps reasonably warm in the beekeeping season.

The Quality of 2019 Kawarau Gorge Honey

2019 Kawarau Gorge Honey is one of the best quantity honey that we have harvested from the gorge. It has a mild and clear taste from Clover, Viper's bugloss and other wild flowers growing in the Kawarau Gorge in summer. It is a high quality honey with very low water content.

The Taste

Beautiful mild floral taste.