What Makes Our Honey So Good!
Pure,Naturally Granulated Honey

Our Honey Sources from Some Of The Most Beautiful, Wild and Isolated Places In New Zealand. We believed that is the key to have good honey.

Unlike most honey in New Zealand that has been creamed (the process involves stirring it for 2 or 3 days to make honey nice and smooth), we use the basic and simple way to process our honey, so all the goodness, flavours and aromas are well kept in the honey.

It is Naturally Granulated Honey, which means they might get hard and crystallized in cold winter and back to liquid in hot summer.

The best way to taste our honey is by itself, take one spoon, enjoy the full flavour!

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Queenstown High Country Honey

This honey is sourced from our own beehives in the remote mountains near Queenstown. The honey bees collect it from a variety of mountain flowers,including some of the New Zealand's native plants, which creates this honey with a unique flavor and a wonderful fragrance.

Queenstown High Country Honey

Kawarua Gorge Honey

This honey is sourced from our own beehives in the wild Karawau Gorge between Gibbston Valley and Cromwell. In summer, the Kawarau Gorge produces a wonderful array of flowers, resulting in a beautiful honey with a mild floral taste.

New Zealand Honey - Kawarau Gorge Honey

Wild Thyme Honey

Our beehives nestle in the Kawarua gorge through the valley. It tends to grow on the steep sides of hills and mountains. During the late spring months it starts to flower, covering the hillsides in a beautiful purple colour, and with a pleasant smell.

New Zealand Thyme Honey

Manuka Honey

Our Manuka Honey source is from queenstown lakes district area. It is a very wild and isolated area where wild deer and goat roam the hills.

The Manuka grows along the sides of the mountain ranges, and in a good season the whole side of the mountain will turn white with Manuka flower.

New Zealand Manuka Honey

Bugloss / Clover and Wild Flower

They grow in the Kawarua gorge between the towns of Cromwell and Arrowtown. The beautiful Kawarua river runs through this area, it is a wild area that is perfect for the bees and beekeeping, as it catches a good amount of rainfall and keeps reasonably warm in the beekeeping season.

New Zealand Bugloss Honey

Simple Process, Honey Natural Nutrients Retained

Honey Extraction

Our honey is extracted locally in Cromwell at an approved extraction plant.

Honey Extraction

Honey Bottling

After extraction, we strain the honey to remove the larger beeswax particles and visible impurities.

Then we bottle them into jars. For honey comb, we cut them directly from the honey frame. These processes were done in our certified premises.

honey straining and bottling

Honey Crystallized

You may find some of our honey has been crystallized. This is a natural process that happens with the honey when the weather starts to cool.

Honey Crystallize

White Foam on Honey?

A fluffy film on the surface of the honey (like a white foam), or marble-colored or white-spotted crystallization on a container's sides, is formed by air bubbles trapped during the bottling process.

You can give it a good stir and the honey will be nice and smooth again.

White Foam on Raw Honey

Enjoy Your Honey!

Enjoy Your Honey