Simple Process, Honey Natural Nutrients Retained

Honey Extraction

Our honey is extracted locally in Cromwell at an approved extraction plant.

Honey Extraction

Honey Bottling

After extraction, we strain the honey to remove the larger beeswax particles and visible impurities.

Then we bottle them into jars. For honey comb, we cut them directly from the honey frame. These processes were done in our certified premises.

honey straining and bottling

Pure Naturally Granulated Honey, Bottled With Love!

Unlike most commercial honey that has been dried to reduce the moisture and stirring it for a couple of days to make honey nice and smooth, we use the basic and simple way to process our honey, so all the goodness, flavours and aromas are well kept in the honey.

It is Naturally Granulated Honey, which means they might get hard and crystallized in cold winter and back to soft or liquid in hot summer.

Honey Crystallized

You may find some of our honey has been crystallized. This is a natural process that happens with the honey when the weather starts to cool.

Honey Crystallize

White Foam on Honey?

A fluffy film on the surface of the honey (like a white foam), or marble-colored or white-spotted crystallization on a container's sides, is formed by air bubbles trapped during the bottling process.

You can give it a good stir and the honey will be nice and smooth again.

White Foam on Raw Honey

Enjoy Your Honey!

Enjoy Your Honey