thyme on the steep mountains

Wild Thyme Honey

They are harvested in Dec 2019 / Dec 2020

Wild Thyme in Central Otago

Wild thyme grows in a variety of places in Central Otago, our thyme honey is sourced from the Kawarua Gorge through Gibbston Valley. It tends to grow on the steep sides of hills and mountains. It is one of the few areas in the world that produce thyme honey.

The natural range for wild thyme is the Mediterranean region. During the New Zealand gold rush of the the late 1800s, thyme was brought to the area by miners for culinary purposes.

Thyme - A Herbal Remedie

Thyme is a traditional herb which has been used as dietary, medicinal, and ornamental for centuries.

Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar mentions in her book that thyme is a great herb for boosts the immune system.

This is the best herb we have for stimulating the thymus, a major gland of the immune system. Thyme is a great pick-me-up for low energy. Its antispasmodic properties are useful for lung problems and for convulsive coughs such as whooping cough. It's an excellent remedy for sore throats(combined with sage),head colds(combined with horseradish),and stiffness related to chills. Thyme also helps stimulate the body's natural defense and, combined with echinacea,boosts the immune system.

Rosemary Gladstar's HERBAL RECIPES for Vibrant Health

Antioxdant and Anticancer Properties in Thyme Honey

Thyme honey is getting knowed about it's powerful antioxdant and anticancer properties, greater than Manuka honey. For more infomation you can refer to one of the experiment from Auckland University 'The Antioxidant and Anticancer Potentials of New Zealand Manuka Honey and Thyme Honey' Read More>>

New Zealand Thyme Honey

The Taste of Thyme Honey

Thyme honey has a strong, pungent and herbal flavour. We like it by itself,take one spoon, enjoy the full flavour!

In Central Otago, one of the most popular way to have thyme honey is go with cheese, blue cheese and thyme honey comb on cracker is many people's favourate.

Thyme Honey Recipe for Coughing

Thyme is helpful for dry coughs, or where sticky mucus produces an unproductive or irritable cough. Here is a recipe that we recommend to you.

Ingredients: 1 tsp of thyme leaves(dried or fresh); 1 tsp of grated ginger; 1 cup of water; 1 tbsp of thyme honey

Method: Put thyme, ginger and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil, then immediately reduce the heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Strain and add honey. Enjoy!